Get Up and Run…The Best Race, Ever

If you take a stroll around my city, you’ll see girls and guys alike donning short shorts and track jackets, music a-blastin’ from their iPods. They’re only participating in the latest craze we like to call running. If you haven’t joined the club, now is the best time to do so! Why?
1. Nothing feels better than setting a goal of 5K, 10K, half or even a full marathon…and actually finishing it. Talk about extreme motivation.
2. Trying to get that 6-pack to peek through? Running has amazing cardio benefits that’ll shed an extra layer of fat.
3. You don’t need equipment. Just your fave pair of running shoes and you’re good to go.
4. The running community is extremely supportive. There are fun runs almost everywhere! Check out places like Sports Basement, Lululemon Athletica or Nike.
5. Runner’s high! It exists, trust me.
Need some realistic motivation to actually get up and run? Think of signing up for San Francisco’s very own Bay to Breakers. ESPN named it one of its “101 Things Sport Fans Must Do Before They Die” so you know this has got to be good. Every year in May, you’ll see people dressing up for Halloween 5 months early and raging on the streets of San Francisco. In any other town it may be a little odd, but in SF this is only expected. And it’s just the element of fun new runners and old runners need to get their bodies in motion.
Some months ago, I ran my very first half marathon and I have been inspired ever since. You don’t have to be a frequent runner to do these races. All it takes is determination and you’ll be crossing that finish line in no time. This race, however, with its realistic distance, fun costumes and great views, is probably one of the best ones to start with.
This race began in 1912, marking this year’s May 15th race as the 100th anniversary. Bay to Breakers started because the citizens of the city needed an event to distract them from the recent 1906 earthquake. And now, 10 decades later, with our own economic issues, it’s just as important of a distraction as ever. The 7.46 mile race starts at the Embarcadero, goes straight through our luscious Golden Gate Park and ends up right at the Pacific Ocean. Uh, you ready to sign up yet?
A lot of you may be wondering, “I’m a poor college student. Why would I pay to run?” First of all, it gives you Facebook picture uploading rights. Second of all, you get to sound really fit and awesome by telling everyone you’re running a 12K race. Lastly, you get to attend the Greater Body Expo pre-race, own the official B2B t-shirt, commemorative medal and score tons of goodies post-race. Trust me, you are lavished with lots of swag as a runner.
And, duh, you get to spend a weekend in San Francisco (and stop by the Full House house!), one of the most beautiful cities in the country.
I encourage you to sign up for this race. The new year rush has faded and it’s time to continue your awesome fitness/health high. The best part? I’ll be running this race right along side you (well, not literally) to give you support and tips on how to complete your first 12K race. Join me in running one of America’s most exciting races! You can even wear a tutu when you run. Not that it would be too comfortable, but it would be awesome.
Angela Fang, general manager of the race says it best: “Bay to Breakers is an all encompassing event that unites best-in-class athletes with enthusiastic fans and creates the spirit that is San Francisco.”
What are you waiting for?
Sign up for Bay to Breakers! Need a little push? Follow me @jackelynho and I’ll get you right on track.

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