CC Beauty Live: Quick & Dirty Review-Maybelline FIT Collection

Every few months when I start to run out of my high-end make up, I tend to re-evaluate why I’m spending so much money on products.  I save up a lot in order to purchase the likes of Make Up For Ever, NARS, MAC, and Urban Decay.  But I also think about what I could be spending that money on, and I look into more affordable options.  While I absolutely love my high-end brands, I also love drug store brands. Like, the kind of love I usually reserve for peanut butter and chocolate. I have a huge variety of the stuff and I’m a strong advocate for affordable make up.
That’s why I get really excited when brands like Maybelline try to imitate those big makeup brands.  You’ve probably seen those TV ads for their new FIT ME collection of foundations and powders.  They’re a little annoying, but the product is good.  Really good!  I was very impressed with how similar the quality was to my high-end products. Plus, it has SPF 18 in the foundation!
My only real qualm was that I couldn’t test the shade in the store.  They have a wide spectrum of 18 shades said to fit all skintones, but it’s still a necessity for me to test a shade in the store before I buy it.  Also, I recommend using a primer (here’s how it’s done!) with the foundation to help it last.  If you’re looking for something that feels like a high-end brand but is extremely affordable, then check this collection out! But first, get my full rundown here:
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