The Weekly Ten: Worst Chick Flicks Ever

I’m not going to lie to you, CollegeCandies. Over the years, I have watched, and even reveled in some really terrible chick flicks. There’s just something comforting knowing  the ending of a movie before it even begins, knowing everything is going to work out. It’s nice once and a while to sit back and just enjoy some bad acting by some pretty actors. And some really cute guys. So yes, I do indulge in watching terrible chick flicks every once in a while.
But even I have a line. And let me tell you, these movies that I’m about to list. Well, let’s just say they crossed it. They ran across it. Sprinted even. They’re so far over that line that I can’t even see it anymore…
10. Post Grad. This movie is terrible. Because it shows you all the struggles of Post Grad life without any of the payoff. Alexis Bledel’s character struggles for months. And when she finally gets the job of her dreams she gives it all up to go after a boy. Ugh! Gag me!

9. When in Rome. So Kristen Bell went from playing a badass modern day Nancy Drew on Veronica Mars to a neurotic single lady in Manhattan who can only get guys to fall in love with her with magic coins? She should really talk to her agent.
8. Over Her Dead Body. Eva Langoria comes back from the dead to stop her ex-boyfriend from moving on with his life. Chaos ensues. Oh, wait a minute. So that’s where Grey’s Anatomy got that whole ‘bring Denny back from the dead’ thing? I can’t believe I’m saying this but Katherine Heigl did it better.
7. Georgia Rule. I don’t even really know what this movie is about. And I really don’t even need to. Because if a girl can’t even make it through the trailer for a chick flick, than it really, really is a terrible chick flick.

6. Nights in Rodanthe. Most Nicholas Sparks adaptations are super cheesy, so I know I shouldn’t have expected too much from this one either. But Richard Gere was in it! Richard Gere! He brought us An officer and a Gentleman and Pretty Woman! Richard Gere, who I had high hopes for. Richard Gere who… starred in a really horrible movie.

5. Maid in Manhattan. Hey J.Lo, I love you on American Idol and all and I think your music is great, but this has got to be one of your worst ideas ever. (Yes, including that bedazzled bandanna you were sportin’ in 2000 and that Louboutin song you sang.) If we want to see a Cinderella story we’ll watch, well, A Cinderella Story (maybe this should be the top 11 this week.), not a really bad rewrite. So just stick to the music for now.

4. Crossroads. Oh Britney, you really thought you could be an actor, didn’t you? Well if anything good came out of this movie it was that it taught you that you can’t.

3. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past. Really Matthew McConaughey? How bad off could you be that you’re willing to star in a supernatural rewrite of a Christmas Carol. This movie was so wrong on so many different levels I don’t even know where to begin. Well, I guess I’d start with the cheesy flashbacks, the horrible plot line, the predictable ending,  and the unoriginal characters.

2. Bride Wars. Anne Hathway and Kate Hudson. Two reasonably sane women. At least until they started dying each other’s hair blue. This movie epitomizes the bridzilla stereotype. Every bad thought society has about the way women become obsessed with the frivolous unnecessary details of a wedding are reaffirmed in this movie.
1. Killers. Katherine Heigl has never met a horrible chick flick she hasn’t liked. But this one goes above and beyond the call of duty. A generic blonde emotionally stunted female meets and falls in love with a man who turns out to be just like her father. Really? I mean, really?
Note: As you can see, most of these movies are the result of TV actors and singers trying to make in on the big screen. Apparently…they can’t.
I’m sure there are plenty more awful, terrible, no good, very bad chick flicks. Which ones make you cringe most?

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