5 TV Reunions I Want to See

Stop whatever you’re doing right now.
I have big news, ladies. Huge.
Apparently Jimmy Fallon is determined to have the set of Saved by the Bell reunited on his show. And he just got one step closer because Elizabeth Berkley, who played Jesse, along with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, and Dennis Haskins, has agreed to participate if such a reunion were to take place. The only hold outs left are Kelly and Screech! So keep your fingers crossed, because I for one would give up sweatpants to see this happen. It’s that huge.
But that’s not the only reunion show I’d kill for. There are so many great canceled shows out there, and so many casts I would love to see reunited. I want to know where those characters would be now, and what my pre-teen crushes currently look like. (Fingers crossed their not all fat and balding.) I want answers to questions the show never answered and flashbacks to my favorite scenes, and never before seen scenes. I want reunions, dammit!
Starting with these 5 shows….

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