CollegeCandy Exclusive: I Know Megan Levant, Charlie Sheen's Newest Goddess

You know what ‘winning’ is? Clicking on a link about Charlie Sheen’s newest “goddess” as a means of procrastination only to discover…
That can’t be her? Is it her?
I know Goddess #3.
Her name is Megan Levant, or Princess Megan as she made us call her when she was our Hell Master in college during pledge week. Yes, goddess numero tres is my sorority sister. I wonder if she makes Charlie Sheen call her Princess Megan or if Goddess Megan has taken its place. I also wonder if that makes me Charlie Sheen’s sister in law.
What is there to know about this new insta-lebrity? Well, since Princess Megan has since deactivated her Facebook account (which is tragic because her photos were really entertaining), here are five things to help you get to know the newest goddess a little bit better.
1) She’s from Chicago, and apparently went to catholic school. Which is funny because she’s Jewish. (If she isn’t, then I’m really confused as to why she made us make bar mitzvah cards for her little brother during hell week). I wonder what Sister Mary Something would have to say about her new gig….
2) She went to the University of Wisconsin in Madison. And she had a lot of fun. She was frequently spotted at Bar Time, a late night pit stop before heading to after parties, where she’d often be slurring her words. She also may or may not have fallen one night and knocked out her tooth, though that hasn’t been confirmed. Either way – DUH, WINNING.
3) She’s a twin. (Goddess #4, perhaps?! I’m pretty sure Sheen would find twin goddesses a winning idea.) In college, I only knew her as Megan’s twin Emily (she would come to visit and stay for long periods of time), but she is funny. And she has a blog. A little friendly advice from Levant #2: “EVERYTHING is more fun with copious amounts of drugs.” Noted. And I’m sure Warlock Sheen would concur.
4) She now lives in LA LA land working for a Plastic Surgeon. And no, it doesn’t look like she’s been taking advantage of her employee discount.

5) She was a fabulous mix of crazy trainwreck meets funny and entertaining. I was always a fan of the girl who could laugh at her own expense. She was undoubtedly nuts and took her sister’s “friendly advice” to heart, BUT I always liked Megan Levant. She had moxie. She had chutzpah. And she had fabulous hair. Like the LiLo of UW, you couldn’t help but stare at her and think, “That girl is cray cray.” But you also wanted to be her friend, if only for the sheer entertainment factor she always brought to the table.
Sounds a lot like someone else (who’s body is fueled by tiger blood) we know and love.
The truth is, if we had given out paper plate awards in college, I’m 1,000% certain that I would have been using my crayola markers to create “Most likely to become the third goddess of Charlie Sheen” for my sorority sis. The lesson in all of this? Dreams do come true.

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