In Our Makeup Bag: Too Faced Aqua Bunny Bronzer

What It Is:
Too Faced Aqua Bunny Bronzer

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

I think bronzer is one makeup item every girl needs. When used properly, it instantly brightens your complexion, makes you look awake, and gives you a healthy glow. Unfortunately, bronzer is one of those products that many people over-do and end up looking like an Oompa Loompa. Another downside to bronzer is that it’s a summer product that quickly melts off. In the hot months, your makeup is susceptible to run and streak, even if you shop high-end.

And on that cue, in comes Too Faced Aqua Bunny, a cream-to-powder WATERPROOF bronzer (or, as they put it, “splash-proof”) that promises a lightweight, sheer bronze that adapts to all skintones, Too Faced has potentially created a holy grail product for both girls who love the water and those with oil slicks for faces (like me!).

How To Use It:
Contrary to popular belief, bronzer is not designed to make your whole face look tan. It’s supposed to be used to contour and add depth and dimension. I like to use bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks (make a fish-face and you’ll see what I mean) and along the hairline and my nose to thin my face out. I know it sounds odd, but it works.

For this cream bronzer, you can use a dense brush, a makeup sponge, your CLEAN fingers or the handy-dandy brush included. Swirl your applicator of choice in the bronzer to pick up product and then lightly pat it in those hollows and along your hairline and nose. Then, quickly, get a big, fluffy brush and buff the product out so you don’t have the cheekbones of a zombie — you know, all sunken in and scary.

CC Rating: A-

I like Aqua Bunny. It’s particularly good for contouring those cheekbones and giving your face dimension.The only downfall of this product is that it comes in a single color. I’m a very pale lady and would have liked to see at least 3 or 5 shades in the collection. I feel like this is too deep for the winter and can only pull it out now because I have a bit of color (thanks, Spring Break!)

Other than that, I LOVE the idea of a waterproof bronzer. While I won’t be busting it out anytime soon, this product will probably be toted around in my everyday makeup bag come the summer and get lots use while I’m lounging by the pool (or sitting in a hot office…..).

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