Which Jersey Shore Juicehead is the Best Smush in Seaside? [POLL]

The time has come to put away the self tanner and slow down the fist pumping. Tonight is the season finale of Jersey Shore. Waaaaah (Snooki voice). Season 3 of everyone’s guilty pleasure has brought us a lot of drama, a lot of toilet issues (from Deena’s constipation to JWoww’s public urination to Ronnie’s bowel movements on steroids), and a LOT of smushing.
Which makes me wonder…
The gorillas of the shore house obviously get it in with a lot of grenades chicks, but are they any good? I mean, get past the abs (Pauly/Sitch), the arms (RonRon) and the giant cannoli (Vinny) – do these boys really know how to please a lady? I mean, Ronnie’s got to be good; why else would Sam keep coming back for more? And Vinny’s obviously got something going on to leave Snooks in tears. But what about Sitch? Or Pauly? With all that practice, they’ve got to know what they’re doing, right?
So tell me: which juicehead do you think is the best smush around?
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Vote, then tell us why below. Then come back tomorrow for our final season 3 Jersey Shore recap.

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