5 Beauty Products CollegeCandy Readers Can’t Live Without

Earlier this week we asked our beautiful readers to enter to win a Bags of Love personalized makeup bag by telling us their #1 beauty essential. And it seems that everyone could really use a new makeup bag because we had over 135 entries! Dayummmm.

Unfortunately, we can only choose one winner, but we didn’t want everyone else to walk away with nothing. (It’s called Jewish Guilt. It’s a blessing and a curse.) So, we decided to scour through all the entries and see what beauty products the CollegeCandy readers hold near and dear to their hearts. Many of the entries were all over the place (and lots featured lip balm – whatcha doin’ that’s got your lips all chapped, hmmm?), but we did notice 5 items that a LOT of you ladies loved. And in our book, that means they must be awesome.

So here they are:
The best beauty products tested and approved by the women of CollegeCandy!

P.S. Congrats to Emily Thompson! She’s taking home the personalized makeup bag from Bags of Love! She also happens to L-O-V-E Laura Mercier Creme Silk Foundation. You know, in case you’re wondering.

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