Friday Faves: Surviving the Post-Hookup Reunion

One of the most awkward moments in a college student’s life is the reunion; you know, the run-in/re-introduction/avoidance that can only come following a random hook up. It is one of the many moments in college that we try to avoid, this one being up there with “hangover for an exam” and “beer poop in the library.”
Unfortunately, it is a moment we all must embrace and take in stride if we ever want to move on…or do it again.
So, how does one handle the reunion? Is there a way to make this interaction awkward free, or are we doomed to spend the rest of our college days hiding in corners and avoiding any place that may hold people of the opposite sex? I can’t tell you what you should do, but I can speak from experience in telling you what you should not do under any circumstances, no matter how good of an idea you think it is at the time.
1. Re-introduce yourself: I met a guy at my friend’s party. We “hung out” at the party for a bit, but then returned to our respective homes where the beer wore off and I got a good sober look at the male I was hangin’ with. And I left. The following week I was at the bar with my friend when we spotted this anonymous male getting a drink across the way. My friend decided it would be a good idea to make things fun (for everyone but me) and invite my party-pal over.
“You remember Lauren, don’t you?” My friend asked.
“Hi, Lauren. I’m Joe.”
Um. I know exactly who you are, JOE. And you know me, too. Don’t remember me? Maybe if I close my eyes, lean in real close and stick my tongue in your mouth. Would that jog your memory? Ugh. I was livid. How could he sit there and pretend not to know me?! Let me just say that it took a lot of convincing (read: beer) to get me to agree to go home with him at the end of the night.
2. Pick up where you left off: This is unacceptable even if your reunion location is the same as your first encounter. Just because the scene was similar the last time you two were together (a bunch of drunk people in a small and sweaty room…kinky!), it does not make it OK to assume that things will begin just where they ended. A handshake is acceptable, an ear nibble and neck kiss is not. “It’s nice to see you,” is ok. “You make me moist…down there,” is not.
3. Run Away: I’ve seen it a million times. A guy attempts the approach and the girl runs. There is nothing wrong with a little avoidance; just try and make it a little less obvious. Running intoxicated in a pair of stilettos is never easy nor sly. If you want to avoid the impending awkwardness, back away slowly and strike up a deep and interesting conversation with the nearest stranger. Hooked up with him, too? Now it’s OK to run.
Any other interaction post one-night stand should be all right. I am not promising a lack of awkwardness, it’s difficult to avoid once you have seen someone naked, but at least it won’t cause trauma to either party. If, however, you are a victim of one of the above situations, grab a beer and begin the hunt for a better suitor this time around.
[This story was originally posted by Lauren – University of Michigan]
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