Guys Who Rock: Steve Ertl

Boys, boys, boys. Here at CollegeCandy, we love them. A lot. And being that we have a lot of time on our hands to search for them on the web, we thought we’d use it to our advantage and yours and bring you a little eye candy that not only makes us drool but also tugs at our heartstrings. So here’s your chance to meet some of the most talented guys in the world…who rock. Like, for real. (They’re musicians, people.)
Name: Steve Ertl
Age: 25
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Type of Music: Acoustic
Why He Rocks: Watch the guy sing. If he doesn’t steal your heart by the pure sound of his voice, then we don’t know what will. Talented, charming… What else can a girl want?
Have you been singing all your life?
I think so. I’ve always been drawn to the stereo speakers. My earliest memories are of sitting in front of my parents’ record player, jamming out to old-school country music. I was always amazed by my dad’s ability to whistle a tune perfectly… I couldn’t whistle (still can’t), so I guess I just picked up singing by default.
Why did you decide to start putting up videos on YouTube?
I remember the first video I posted took me about 3 days to finally upload. I suppose I was pretty nervous about the feedback I’d get. I don’t know, self-expression? I definitely think about the other artists I’ve found on YouTube, and the way their music has inspired me— I just thought if I could have any sort of positive impact on a viewer, then maybe, I’d have done my part in the world.
What did you go to school for?
I attended the University of Northern Iowa for Marketing. I originally thought I’d turn my creative talents into something at an Ad Agency, but found myself loving the lifestyle, freedom, and reward of sales.
Would you want to turn your talent into a career if the opportunity arose?
I’m currently a spine consultant in surgical sales, and I cannot say enough about how fortunate I am to love what I do, make a great income, and help people have a better quality of life… but yes, I’d give up my career in a heartbeat if I had a legitimate shot to pursue music (sorry Boss). It’s my passion and has always been a major driver in my life, since I can remember.
Who are your musical idols?
James Taylor for being my original inspiration (Writer’s Note: see Most Embarrassing Moment). Boys II Men for being my first CD. Justin Timberlake for sheer talent in life. My two favorite singer/songwriters are Jason Reeves and Sean McConnell… these men are poets! At the moment, my favorite band is The Script. I love their pop and hip-hop infused style.
Who’s your dream duet partner?
For the style of music I sing/play, I’d love to duet with Colbie Caillat. (But I can’t say I would be upset if I was stuck in a recording booth with Beyonce. Seriously, I might be in love?)
Where’s your favorite place to get out your guitar and sing?
When I was in Des Moines IA, I lived downtown by all the action, so it was always a blast to have friends over after a night out and play a sesh in my living room or on my front patio. On the weekends, I like to relax on my couch and jam a bit… but as all of us musician-YouTubers know, the BEST acoustics are in the bathroom!
Now some questions for the ladies of CollegeCandy…
How would you describe your personality?
I’m a driven, entrepreneurial & business-oriented guy with an artsy, musical soul.
What are three qualities a girl has to have for you to date her?
Motivated. Independent. Intelligent. Oh, and a nice booty doesn’t hurt either. (Winky-face).
What’s your idea of a perfect date?
Traveling somewhere exotic for a quick weekend. There’s nothing like being spontaneous and experiencing something new together for the first time!
What’s your most embarrassing moment?
Oh wow. When I was four or five, I use to put on a little song & dance number for my parents’ friends when they’d come over for dinner parties… Nothing like grooving around the living room to the tune of James Taylor’s “Everyday” in a white tee tucked into some Ninja Turtle undies, sportin’ rolled-down socks and black Nikes. Clearly, I was quite the fashionista as a kid. I just thank God that my parents couldn’t afford a video camera at the time!
What’s one thing a lot of people don’t know about you?
I’ve been single for almost 4 years now, so a lot of people definitely think of me as a serial dater/bachelor-for-life type. But deep down, I’m a hopeless romantic who loves the idea of being in love… I just haven’t found that girl yet. Also, I’m slightly obsessed with the deliciousness of almond butter.
What are some of your other hobbies?
I’m super active and outdoorsy, I guess. I love ‘shreddin’ the gnar pow-pow’ (aka, snowboarding in fresh powder), hitting the gym, football, baseball, golf, and when it’s warm, I love me some sand volleyball. I was a wrestler in college, so I volunteer coach at a local high school here as well. But at the end of a stressful day, there’s really no better way to decompress than to tickle my 6-string.
Like what you see? We figured you would. Check out Steve’s music on YouTube and MySpace!
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