WTF Friday: We Have a Winner for Worst Mother of the Year

Didn’t it totally suck when your mom used to make you practice piano and do your homework and go to bed early on school nights!? And you were all like “you’re the worst mom in the world, I hate you!”

Well, NEWSFLASH, you were wrong.

Your mom wasn’t the worst in the world. (Even if she was the only mom who insisted those organic fruit roll-ups tasted the same as the good ones all the other kids had.) That honor goes to Kerry Campell, a British woman who not only injects botox into her 8-year-old daughter’s face, but also waxes her hairlesss. You might say, “wait a sec, 8-year-olds, don’t have hair!” You’re right. But Kerry is covering all her bases by waxing her daughter’s pubic area now to hopefully stop future hair growth. Why is this woman torturing her daughter? Uh, so she can be famous one day. DUH!

Luckily for Kerry Campbell, her daughter is about to get famous a whole lot sooner than “one day.” Nothing like being exposed as the worst mom in the world to rocket your daughter into the spotlight.

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