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CC Beauty Live: Fix Your Broken Makeup


We’ve all been there: you’re putting on your makeup and all of a sudden you drop your compact. You hesitate to pick it up, scared of what you’ll see inside. And sadly, when you peek inside, all you can see is crushed product.  Then, of course, you spill half of it in your makeup bag.  Well that’s just great.

After you cry a little inside, what are you supposed to do? You just spent $25 on that nice, high-end blush and now it’s broken.

Well, why not fix it?
As our country’s President once said: Yes. We. Can.

Fixing your broken makeup is easy.  All you need is rubbing alcohol, a piece of paper, something to grind up the product with, and a plastic bag. In only a few simple steps, your makeup will be good as new again.

See? Easy. Never buy new product again! If there’s anything else beauty related that you need fixing, let me know in the comments!

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