Holy Hell – Bikini Season Is Coming!

Though it doesn’t really seem like it (since my feet are still frozen from my walk home from class….3 hours ago), summer is slowly creeping up on us. And with it, itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikinis.
[Insert scary movie scream here.]
If the thought of your winter pooch hanging out over the top of your swimsuit bottom isn’t enough to motivate you to get to the gym, perhaps looking at pictures of uber sexy celebs prancing around in their bikinis will do the trick. Or make you cry. Seriously, look! Then tell me you’re not itching to do some jumping jacks.
Ready to GTL (minus the T and L)? Yeah, me too. I need to get Gaga abs and a Kardashian butt by June. And here are just the workouts to make that happen:
Whip your abs into shape:
Not liking the extra flab around your midsection? Here are 8 moves guaranteed to flatten those abs by summer.
Get a bikini-ready butt:
I figure skated for all of high school and then some, so I never really had to worry about my legs or butt. But now that I’m not coaching or competing, I’ve kind of fallen into a rut. And by “into a rut” I mean “my butt is jiggly and it needs to not be jiggly so I can look amazing next to my ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend.” And these 3 quickie butt-toning moves should do just the trick.
Add some definition to your legs:
And just to sweeten the pot, here are some leg toning exercises that will have you wanting to jump into your micro-mini.
Now get thee a mantra (I will look like Gisele by Summer. I will look like Gisele by Summer. I will look like Gisele by Summer….) and get to the gym!

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