The Perfect College Hoodie

[Disclaimer: This product was provided by FRSH UNCL. All our opinions are our own… and blatantly honest.]
I am not a leisure-wear person. I only wear hoodies out in public when running errands or when I’m at the curling rink. (Yes, I go to the curling rink. Let’s get over it.) I do dress for comfort when I’m at home, but people rarely see me like this. Want proof? A couple of weeks ago a friend came to my building to grab something and her boyfriend told me he had never seen me dressed casually before (I was wearing a hoodie and jeans).
After receiving my UNCL hoodie, though, this might change.
I am in love with this sweatshirt. Like, I-wanna-find-a-reason-to-wear-it-every-day kind of love. It’s a good fit, not too baggy and not too big, but long enough that it covers my bum (meaning I can get away with wearing leggings underneath it!). And it’s soft. So soft. But it’s also super cute. Unlike most dormwear that has massive school logos all over the front (what do you think I am, a walking billboard?!), the small U embroidered on the left side makes this hoodie totally inoffensive. It is the perfect balance of cute and casual and that’s the kind of lounge-wear I can support….and buy 12 of. Just be aware: the hoodie runs slightly small, so if I’ve sold you on it, I’d go a size up (I’m usually a small, but the medium fits perfectly).
Honestly, everyone should own one of these hoodies. And I’m not just saying that cuz I got mine for free. In fact, I want to buy another one so I don’t have to throw this one in the wash every 3 days.If there’s anything I hate more sloppy dormwear, it’s doing laundry.

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