Country Music Millionaires?

Shake your money maker, man!

When you think of popular music, Ke$ha and Rihanna come to mind with their electronic beats and bold (often autotuned) vocals. But country music? Nah. Even with the breakout stars like Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum, country music stars take a backseat to their pop and rockstar counterparts in the music biz.
However, despite country music’s bad rep, it’s appeal is much more powerful than you think. So much so that a lot of music companies are tapping into country music as a way to get into the hearts (and wallets) of Middle America. (Even Lady Gaga went country!)
Yeah, I’m not sure how, but it seems country music is where all the money is at.
I can’t wait to see Kanye gets in touch with his country roots.

Sober Shopping is So Over
Sober Shopping is So Over
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