Put This On Your iPod: Beats Antique's Collide

[Sarabeth here, back with some more jams to add to your iTunes library! Every Wednesday, I’m bringing you music suggestions – could be something new, old, hugely popular or fairly unknown –  to awesome-ify your  collection.]
It quite honestly feels like everyone here in Austin still has a Spring Break/SXSW hangover. There were just so many great bands this year that it’s really hard to get over it. And unfortunately, Powerade/greasy breakfast sandwiches just don’t help. The only remedy? More cowbell good bands.
And I’ve got just the perfect one.
Beats Antique is by far the most creative and original band that I’ve discovered in awhile, and so I share with you their second album, Collide.
About the Band:
Beats Antique is  a little-bit-of-everything group consisting of members David Satori, Zoe Jakes and Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel. Hailing from San Francisco, this band has been creating interesting cocktails of traditional world music with electronica and techno since 2007.
Top 3 Tracks:
Slapdash Era
Why You Should Listen to It:
The one thing that impresses me about this album is that no matter where a song starts, it always seems to go to a different, yet interesting place. You can start off thinking you’re listening to a song  with sitar and belly dancing beats, and it can end up more hip-hop than anything else. This is great music for whenever you’re in a really chill mood, but can also be great to dance to. This album has a little bit of everything and no matter what your music taste, you can find something about it you like.
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