Sober Shopping is So Over

Haven’t you heard? Drinking is the new shopping? Or shopping is the new drinking? Or…okay. The point is now you get to drink when you shop. First Starbucks started serving wine. Then Duane Reade installed beer counters. And now, according to our friends at Gawker, the  New York City Whole Foods is installing a bar? What gives? Has shopping become so stressful that it can no longer be done sober? Have we all become self accepting alcoholics? Have people becomes so lazy that they can no longer be bothered to walk from the super market to the bar? Or is this just another means of making some quick cash?
It’s probably the latter. But still, I can’t help but think that there are certain shopping experiences that really would be made easier if they could be done with some booze in hand…
1. Swimsuit shopping. Bring on the shots. If it were up to me no woman would ever have to endure such a horror sober. Take a shot of tequila before trying on any one piece. Two for tankinis. Three for bikinis. By then, they’ll all look great.
2. Holiday shopping. Holiday shopping is super stressful and extra annoying because you don’t even get to keep any of the stuff that you spend so much time picking out. You’re giving it all away. So next December get your peppermint mocha or eggnog spiked before you start your shopping.  I think it will go a lot more smoothly…
3. Lingerie Shopping. Similar to the swimsuit shopping experience, except the lingerie doesn’t stay on for nearly as long. Go with wine for this shopping experience. Take your girlfriends and have a little bit of a fashion show, and sip some red wine as you do. It’ll relax your nerves for when you buy the lingerie… and for when you use it.
4. Shopping for School Supplies. With book prices these days drinking while book buying should be mandatory. For every $50 you spend, take a shot. For every $100, chug a beer.  Do it before you head out on a Thursday night and you’ll kill two birds with one stone- school supply shopping and pregaming.
The possibilities for such occasions are endless. Tell me ladies, which shopping experiences do you wish you had a drink in hand for?

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Havaianas is Making Shoes Now! (Giveaway)
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