10 SAT Questions That Would Actually Predict College Success

It’s SAT season and you know what that means: high school juniors are buckling down and getting ready to take “the most important test of their lives,” the test that will determine whether or not they get into college, the test that will supposedly predict how well they will do there. Now, I don’t know about you ladies, but as a seasoned college student I have to say I think that is a load of ridiculous. I mean vocabulary and problem solving and knowing who the Kardashians are is all well and good, but is it really an accurate portrayal of how a student will do in college?
No. It’s most definitely not.
So we thought we’d help College Board and all those other important SAT people out by offering them a few alternative SAT questions. Real life questions, the kind of questions that college students may encounter on any give college day…
1. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila

(A) Four (B) Floor (C) Bed (D) Death
2. Beer goggles is a commonly used college expression. Explain the meaning of this phrase and then use it in a sentence.
3. A walk of shame is:
(A) Walking into class after said class has started (B) Walking home during the early hours of the morning in last night’s clothes after spending said night in with a guy (C) Tripping while walking in high heels
4. A steak dinner is to real life as ____ is to college life.
(A) cafeteria food (B) Ramen noodles (C) Chef Boyardee
5. Finals week will most likely be spent:
(A) in the library (B) studying (C) on Facebook (D) Both A and C
6.  In college your dating life changes. It’s far less likely that a guy asks you to hang out after class or go to a football game with him, and far more likely that he propositions you at a party. But there is an alternative. Explain the concepts of friends with benefits. Then discuss the pros and cons of such an agreement.
7. Your roommate asks to borrow your favorite sweater. Not only is it too small for her, but she also has a habit of returning items she borrows unwashed. Explain how to get out of such a situation without starting a roommate war.
8. Name six of CollegeCandy’s ten ways to drink a beer.
9. The best reason to drop a class is:
(A) It’s at 7 a.m. (B) The professor has terrible reviews (C) It’s on a Friday (D) All of the above
10.  Name some college stereotypes. Which will you be? Why?

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Candy Dish: Meet Dina Lohan
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