Budget Stylista: A Guide to Mixing Prints the Right Way

Spring is here! Spring is here!
Okay, so at the moment you might not know it, what with a major snow storm beating the crap out of the East Coast (I mean, dear weather, are you fo’ real? This is one April Fools joke I am not laughing at). But by all other accounts (mainly clothing store window displays and themed Starbucks gift cards), Spring is in the hizzy.
So while you still may need to cover up on the outside (that puffy jacket was such a good purchase!), with April here you’ve got my permission to start rockin’ those spring trends underneath your winter facade.
And one spring trend I love? Mixing prints.
Sure, it sounds like a fashion disaster waiting to happen. Obvi you don’t want to end up looking more like your 4-year-old self who mixed your rainbow tie-dyed tee, polka dot leggings and neon striped scrunchie and thought you were the best thing to happen to fashion since MC Hammer’s pants. But mixing prints CAN work in a cool “I meant to do this and, dayum, I look hot” sort of way instead of a “I got dressed with a blindfold on in the kids’ section of Target.” Just ask Kelly Osbourne!
Then follow a few simple rules for foolproof print mixing:

Guys Who Rock: Trevor Eckman a.k.a. "Bagginz"
Guys Who Rock: Trevor Eckman a.k.a. "Bagginz"
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