Fashion Challenge: No More Neutrals

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Since we’re all pretty fashion-savvy here at CF, most of you probably know the importance of buying investment pieces in neutral colors – beige, black, navy, white, gray, and brown. This is a wise idea because these colors go with everything, giving you the most bang for your buck. Not only can you pair neutral pieces with anything in your closet, but neutrals also look amazing when worn together.

However, in the name of springtime (which has officially sprung), this week’s challenge is to go a week without wearing any neutral colors. This challenge will force you to take inventory of what is in your closet and creatively pair pieces together in new ways. For a girl like me who wears something black almost every day of the week, the challenge (which I recently tried myself) was pretty difficult… but not impossible.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a list of tips to aid you in giving up your favorite neutrals!

Tips and Tricks for Going Neutral-Free for a Week:

– Build outfits around a single piece. A pair of olive green skinny cargo pants or a colorful dress make great pieces to build off of.

– Don’t be afraid to mix pastels and bold colors. Sometimes, the most unexpected color combinations can be the most interesting.

– To avoid looking like a hot rainbow mess, look for muted tones when creating outfits – they’re more likely to flatter each other.

– Go easy on the accessories. Your colorful clothing will be enough of a statement.

– This challenge is a good opportunity to revisit some pieces that you never wear, or don’t know how to style. So think outside the box and try to create a few great outfits that you’ll re-wear again and again.

– Don’t worry about shoes — if you want to be a challenge superstar, you can avoid shoes in neutral colors for the week, but the reality is, most of us don’t own too many colorful pairs of shoes.

– For more ideas, check out vintage Fashion Challenge articles on wearing a monochromatic and brightly colored outfits.

OK, still afraid to take on this challenge? Perhaps a little non-neutral outfit inspiration will ease your mind. Click here to see a few outfits courtesy of the ladies at CollegeFashion!

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