The Ingredients for a Frat Party

As a senior member of Greek life, I consider myself an expert in the art of the frat party. I’ve been to countless rush parties, grab-a-dates and semi-formals during my college career, and I know just what it takes to make or break one. And in case you’re curious, I’ve assembled the crucial elements to create a typical frat party.
So gather round and listen up as I go through the essential ingredients to have the ultimate (and by ultimate, I mean typical) frat party. (Get more Greek life right here!)
1. Jungle juice in bright, possibly neon, colors. Every great party has a Gatorade cooler filled with Everclear,  a package of Kool-Aid,  and some mystery brew. Ladies beware, this concoction will be high in sugar (to mask the alcohol), and high in regret potential. It will also stain the sh*t out of your favorite dress and turn even the quietest of girls into life (or mess) of the party. Get a few recipes right here.
2. Frat stars in polos/jerseys with pit stains a mile long. Basement parties get really super sweaty from the body heat of 100 people jammed into one room, grinding one another into the wall. So guys in hats and polos dripping in sweat is a frat party necessity. By the end of the night, it might even be sexy.
3. Pledges at the door. They’re checking names and chain smoking and trying so hard to look cool. Throw them a bone and act like you actually care if you’re on their little list.
4. Beer pong. No matter how soon you arrive, there’s a list a mile long to get on the table. And by the time your name is finally called, you’re already upstairs making out with the cute guy from your stats class. Or you’re home, changing out of your jungle-juice-stained dress.
5. The best playlist ever. If there’s something we can give frat boys credit for, it’s music. Someone will have the best mash-up mix that you’ve never heard before (“OH MY GOD, I LOVE THIS SONG!!”)…and sometimes, if you’re lucky, even a live DJ. And a smoke machine.
6. Black lights. Don’t wear a white bra, okay?
7. A homemade bar stocked with the finest of bottom shelf liquor. Don’t scrounge around for a clean Solo cup, because they’re aren’t any. And the Mohawk Vodka doesn’t deserve a clean cup, anyway. Just rip that shot straight from the bottle and chase it with a swig of Natty Light, frat boys’ beer of choice.
8. Drunk Freshmen. The frat boy’s biggest fear is a sausage fest, which is why any good bro will text everyone in his contact list, including the random girls who get sloppy after one drink. Maneuvering through these herds can be tricky…so watch your shoes and don’t be scared to walk with your elbows out.
9. A bathroom with no toilet paper and lots of people waiting. Jungle juice (see above) seems to break the seal like no other. Enter the drunk girl bathroom move: expect to share a stall with 3 other girls you’ve never met. You have approximately 5 minutes to bond over each others’ cute shirts and crushes at the party before someone comes knocking on the door to kick you out.
Mix it all together, add a little drunk texting and the occasional drunken sob fest on the lawn and you have yourself a college frat party. Now wipe the sweat out of your cleavage and get in there and dance!

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