Your Biggest Beauty Mistakes Solved

Photo by Lisa Randolph

Most women wear makeup on a daily basis…and unfortunately most women also make beauty blunders on a daily basis. But it’s not their fault; it’s like we’re born with some sort of innate makeup knowledge. As a beauty blogger, I’ve noticed three mistakes pop up again and again on my friends’ faces. So while I can’t offer help for every possible situation, I can help you avoid the three biggest beauty mistakes.
1. Clumpy Eyelashes
In all my mascara reviews, I’m praised the wonders of mascara. It’s my number 1 beauty must-have and I firmly believe that every woman looks better with properly applied mascara. Keyword here is properly. Applying too much mascara can quickly go downhill, leaving you with clumpy, “spider” lashes that no one finds attractive. To avoid this look, make sure your technique is good. This means using a zig-zagging motion when applying to ensure that you’re depositing lots of product with every swipe. Going over your lashes 17 times is what creates this lovely clump-tastic look, so reducing your passes to 2 or 3 will significantly help. Lastly, make sure that your mascara isn’t expired! Mascara usually lasts around 6 months, so if yours is older than that, it’s likely dried up and not giving you maximum benefits. Toss it and pick up a new one!
2. Caked-on Foundation
I can’t believe that Adam Lambert is my example of a cake-face! He should have the American Idol makeup artists taking care of this. Just goes to show you that anyone, celeb or not, can fall victim to theses common mistakes. As you can see, Adam has about a gallon of foundation on his face. Instead of covering up imperfections, this exaggerates pores, fine lines, and  blemishes — basically rendering the product useless. I find this mistake happens most often to makeup newbies who believe that more must be better. When it comes to foundation, the opposite is true. You want to use as little foundation as possible, just covering what you need to cover. To solve this problem, start by getting colormatched by a brand expert for your chosen foundation or get samples in a couple shades and test them out under natural light (aka sunshine). Then purchase a proper brush for your foundation’s formula (liquid, powder, etc). Start by applying just a thin layer and examine your face. If you want more coverage, continue with another layer, but make sure that you’re checking your face in natural light every couple layers and making sure there is no caking going on. Again, this technique will take time to master, but it’s worth it!
3. Overplucked eyebrows
Yikes! How scary does that lady look? The rest of her makeup is a-okay, but her eyebrows are totally overplucked and drawn on with a HEAVY hand. Eyebrows are an oft overlooked part of a makeup routine that can dramatically change your face. Think about it: eyebrows help to shape and define your eyes and are smack dab in the middle of your face! I know many people believe that thick brows=manly, but that’s not always the case.  I recommend getting your brows shaped by a professional who you trust. That means, someone who agrees that overplucked is BAD. I’ve seen many professionals who still want to pluck your eyebrows until they are no more, so chat with your waxer/threader ahead of time. After they’re shaped properly for your face, make sure you maintain them with a good pair of tweezers and fill-in any patchy spots with a brow pencil or wax as a part of your daily makeup routine!
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