Oh Charlie Sheen, Always Full of Surprises

Whatcha hidin' under that shirt, Charles?

Not news: Charlie Sheen is crazy.
He has conquered the tri-fecta of Hollywood crazy and has moved into the ranks of Lohan and Britney circa 2007. He is clearly on drugs, has his own catchphrase (#Winning) and is making the big bucks by going around the country talking about how crazy he is. He’s a regular crazy ass.
Major news: Charlie Sheen’s abs are #winning.
Considering the guy is a drug addict who smokes more cigarettes than an entire sorority house full of drunk girls, you’d expect the guy to be in less than stellar shape. What you wouldn’t expect is this.
I know, right?! SHOCKING. Can I get a slow ‘daaaaaaamn’ from my soul sisters? I guess I finally get what all those goddesses see in him.
Note: I still think he’s gross. And crazy.

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