Most Hated Reality Stars in America Join Forces

Here’s something you probably never thought you’d see.
PopEater has spotted Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka, and Danielle Staub filming together in Los Angeles. What were they filming? No one knows. Apparently details about this production are “being kept under wraps.”
But that doesn’t mean we can’t make a few guesses, does it? Come on, let’s think. What do these “stars” all have in common? They’re reality TV cast offs. They’re hated. They’re really, really desperate to be famous. And well, that’s about it. Unless Jake Pavelka is secretly a woman. (Which actually wouldn’t be all that surprising with all the crying he did on The Bachelor…)
So let’s see… is this a support group for the most hated group in America? A new show for wannabe reality stars? A who’s the biggest biatch star showdown? Or are they going the whole From Justin to Kelly route and making a movie now that the reality TV well has dried up? Can’t you just see Jake as the leading man caught between a blonde and a brunette? Oh, wait…yes, you probably can since that’s exactly what he was doing on The Bachelor. But here’s the more important question…how does Spencer feel about Heidi potentially playing the role of Jake’s love interest?
Sigh. So many options. So many quip comments. I just don’t know which to choose. I’m just going to have to leave it up to you ladies. Give me your best guesses in the comments below. And click here to see the full story.

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