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[There are over 100 million sites on the Internet. 100 million! You might think you know about all the important ones (CollegeCandy, Gmail, Google, Facebook…), but there are thousands of other sweet sites out there (likeRescueTime, Bake It In a Cake and Jog.FM) and more showing up every day! We get it – it’s not easy or fun sifting through the crap and porn to find those gems, so we’re gonna bring the gems to you. Just sit back, kick up those feet and allow us to introduce you to the diamonds in the internet rough.]
Any of your professors, parents, or alumni friends (or CollegeCandy’s editor!) will tell you that one of the most important things you can do in college to help you get a job after graduation is networking. Establishing solid relationships with your professors, peers, and alumni in your field can lead to opportunities that might not otherwise be open to you.
So you set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and add everyone you meet in order to expand your social network (and hopefully your real-life network, as well). Now, that’s all great, but it means nothing if you don’t maintain those relationships!
And that’s where FellowUp comes in. FellowUp helps you manage all your social networks by putting them all in one place. Simply log in and see what all your connections are up to and send birthday or congratulatory messages. FellowUp helps you make new connections by showing you potential connections and the contacts and interests you have in common.
FellowUp also helps you follow up with connections after a meeting with features such as writing yourself a quick note on the meeting, send a thank you email, and set reminders to follow up with a new contact. It’s like having your very own personal assistant on hand — but it’s free (and takes only a few minutes)!
Even beyond professional networking, FellowUp is great for managing your personal relationship as well — have you ever had a friend get upset that you didn’t wish them a happy birthday on Facebook? A little ridiculous, maybe, but it happens… but FellowUp ensures that it never happens again! Genius!
Pretty cool, eh? Well, there’s plenty more web where that came from. Check out the other sites that are on Laura’s web radar!

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