April's Awesome Pre-Party Playlist

The last month before finals. Woof.
For me, this time of year is all about flashcards and all-nighters celebrating with friends I know I won’t be seeing for months over summer vacation. It’s about taking it all in before it’s back to mom and dad’s chores and nagging. But, above all, it’s the time of year we need good music to dance and drink to, to try and help us forget about all the things (bluebook exams and papers) that lie ahead in the weeks to come.
These past couple months were big ones in the music world. Yet again, it was a popular time for huge artists to come out with new albums. Recently we’ve seen and heard new stuff from artists like Adele, Lupe Fiasco, Chris Brown, and Britney Spears. You can consider this playlist a sample of some of the hottest songs and remixes from their newly released albums you likely haven’t heard before. It’s a taste of a little of each with, as always, some older and some less mainstream type stuff thrown in there as well.
This playlist is an opportunity to catch up on what your favorite artists have been up to. To find out hit songs before they hit the radio… or before your friends know about them. And to let it all go and celebrate the (hopefully amazing) school year you’ve had.
Click here for your awesome April pre-party playlist.

Fashion Porn: Getting Down in a Trench
Fashion Porn: Getting Down in a Trench
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