Politicians Every College Student Should Know

Thanks to all the technology that’s out today, I always have the latest information. Facebook events spread the word about the parties, Twitter feeds fill my day with celebrity updates, and text messages make it easy to whisper gossip directly to anyone’s inbox.
But all that is just about my world. My miniscule – and mostly menial – collegiate bubble, where my issues of hunger revolve around the bad food at the dining hall and my worries of poverty root back to spending too much at the bar last weekend.
Who are the people I should know, the ones who are really making the news?
Like every other important topic, CollegeCandy makes it easy for you to get “in the know”. Here are only a handful of American politicians that every college student should know, whether they’re officially titled so at the moment or otherwise:

If we can keep track of every meal the Kardashians eat, and every sentence that Lindsay Lohan receives, we should be able to wrap our minds around the political world. But I just barely scratched the surface – who else do you think should be added to this list?

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