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What Makes a Celeb Worthy of the Word?


So I was browsing through the ridiculous number of blogs I visit daily, catching up on the celeb gossip and entertainment, when I came across this post. Now, I like to consider myself a bit of a pop culture connoisseur. I know my celebrities. My TV. My gossip. My entertainment. I know who the next big thing is before they even do and I’m proud of it. So the fact that I had no idea who this girl was until I caught a glimpse of the Teen Mom headline is really saying something. Partly that I need to spend less time doing homework and more time watching MTV, but also that just about anyone who flouts around on the beach in a bikini can get themselves a blog post today.

I mean Jenelle Evans? Does that name ring a bell with anyone? Does she sound like a celebrity to any of you? No?

That’s because she’s not. But yet she was on Apparently there seems to be this misguided notion nowadays that  if you appear on a reality TV show you automatically reach celebrity status. But that’s  just not how it works. Or, at least that’s not how it should work.

I mean how exactly do we define the word celebrity these days? And if people like Jenelle Evans are making the cut, is it time to ask ourselves if our standards are too low? Now I’m not staying that reality TV stars can’t be celebrities. You can’t deny  Kim Kardashian or even LC that right. But any person from any old random reality TV show? Isn’t that taking it a bit too far? I mean why don’t we just throw up some pictures of Kate Gosselin and call it a day? Oh wait, we’ve done that already.

Celebrities are supposed to be household names, ideally people who have even accomplished something. They are famous individuals, people who are world renown, people with recognizable names. They’ve embedded themselves in pop culture. Lady Gaga. Ke$ha. Britney Spears. Even LiLo and Miley. We all know who  they are. Jenelle Evans? Not so much. And if it were up to me it would stay that way.

But what about you, CollegeCandies? What do you think makes a person worthy of celeb status? Are our standards too low? Or does reality TV equal instant fame?

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