How the Government Shutdown is Going to Ruin Your Week

If you’ve been neglecting the news in favor if E! and had your homepage set to Perez since forever ago, you may not have heard that there’s a very good chance the government is going to be shutting down tonight. If you’re rolling your eyes and thinking this doesn’t matter to your life, think again.
Here are five reasons why you should care–and how the shut down of the Federal Government is going to affect you. Which it will.
1. Once the government shuts down, all official offices will be closed, including the sector responsible for travel visas and passports. So all you kids with upcoming study abroad prospects, great summer vacation plans or those of you with expired visas and hopes of a quick trip to Canada (for some legal 19-year-old drinking) can kiss that all good bye.
2. When the IRS closes, they won’t be able to send out that tax refund you’ve been setting aside for cute new spring dresses to rock to class once it warms up. Sure, the post office will still get packages out, but what good is online shopping if you can’t pay for it?
3. If your parents work for the government they’ll be sent home, without pay. Or worse, they might be asked to come in and work for free. Federal employees aren’t just senators and representatives, but account for 4.4 million employees. Check out this HUGE list of all the jobs that are funded by the government.
4. Military personnel will go unpaid. Know someone abroad fighting for our freedom? Apparently that sacrifice isn’t enough. Now they’ll be serving for free until this is resolved.
5. The EPA will cease cleaning up toxic waste sites once offices close on Friday. Yum, toxins in my Nalgene seem like a fun change.
Both sides are arguing about where and how to spend funds, and wasted time and failed negations have left us with only hours until the deadline. Among those issues are the Republicans’ aim to defund Planned Parenthood and refuse to approve a budget that includes Planned Parenthood, which provides healthcare to thousands of low-income women and children.

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