Single Girl Society: Singlehood Doesn't Care About Your Life Plan

Lesson 18: Singlehood Doesn’t Care About Your Life Plan
When I was a freshman in high school I used to imagine myself in college, in a sorority, with a steady boyfriend and size 32 D boobs. But as a current college junior, I currently have none of those things. Once I got to college, after a brief stint with an all-girl spirit group, I realized girl groups just weren’t for me. As a proud dating and single life blogger, I certainly don’t have the steady boyfriend I thought I’d have by now and as for the last thing, well let’s just say my boobs never got exactly where I hoped they’d be. When I look back on the goals the high school version of me set for myself, I can’t help but wonder if I’d be as happy living out those goals as I am with my life the way it is now.
While your life plan may not be the same as it was back in high school or even since your freshman year in college, it’s crucial to keep in mind that life doesn’t care about your plan and neither does single life.
We set goals to ensure that we’ll be happy in the future and when those goals don’t happen, we can almost guarantee that we’ll be disappointed. So basically these goals, designed to facilitate happiness, can be one of the leading things that make us miserable in our lives. Goals are great. Clinging on to them desperately and refusing to adapt to the curve balls life throws your way? Not so great.
To the single girls who beat themselves up over it because they planned to be on the engagement track by now, just in case you hadn’t noticed – you’re not cursed! Nor are you plagued or at a loss. You’re single, not a dud! And just because you haven’t reached the dating (and/or marriage) goal you’ve set for yourself, doesn’t mean you have reason to be disappointed in yourself.
The truth of the matter is that beating yourself up over not having a boyfriend the way you may expected to isn’t going to get you a boyfriend any quicker. While life hurls all kinds of challenges you never expected, single life plays by the same game. Being single can be the most unpredictable thing in the world and while some may find that troubling, I think that it can be a really inspiring thing. Each day is a new opportunity and if you’re living a life you’re already content with, the surprises that single life has to offer can be seen as life’s little bonuses.
I suggest taking the time to appreciate that being stuck with your self for a while isn’t such a bad thing after all. If you don’t take that time to realize you’re not such a bad person to be stuck with for a while, then how do you expect anyone else to want to be with you too? It’s one thing to be disappointed, but an entirely other thing to be self-loathing.
So forget the path you thought you were supposed to go down for a while and embrace the one your single life has thrown your way for right now. Redirecting your attention from the plans you subconsciously set in stone may seem counteractive, but it’s the best way to be single because it really opens your life up to the possibilities single life has to offer. It’s more than being positive, it’s realizing that just because you aren’t where you thought you’d be doesn’t mean you’ll never get there, but until then, kick back, grab a drink (and preferably a man) and enjoy the single life ride.
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