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Here at CollegeCandy we’re all about the college life, but more importantly we’re all about the college girls. (That’s you ladies.) I mean, not only do we want to provide you with awesome advice, fabulous style suggestions and great giveaways, we also want to let the world know how brilliant, generous, witty, and all around fabulous our readers and writers are.
Because the truth is, college girls are doing really amazing things both in and out of the classroom. Things that should be recognized and celebrated. And after receiving emails from some college women making a difference on a global scale, we decided we’re going to do just that. Not just to give them a virtual pat on the back, but to introduce the rest of you to these awesome organizations so you can use them and tell your friends to do the same.
When you purchase something from one of these campus-based nonprofits not only are you helping a lot of people and upping your karma, but you’re also getting a pretty sweet purchase. Interested? I thought so. Let’s talk good deeds, ladies.

Ever visited Well, if you haven’t before then you definitely should now. One CollegeCandy reader, Yifan Meng, a junior at Washington University, involved in this amazing organization let us know a little bit about her budding business. Styleta is a nonprofit business that collects designer clothing and sells them online and on campus. All of the proceeds go to local and national charities.
As of now Styleta has 5 operating campus organizations (Harvard, NYU, WU, STIL, IU, and Wellseley) and is in the process of opening three more branches at  Purdue, Columbia, and Simmons. The campuses hold clothing drives, photoshoots, and runway shows every semester in an attempt to boost their sales. So the next time you’re itching to buy some designer duds, help these lovely ladies and their charities out and head on over to
I’ve already started searching. Oh! Are those Louboutins??
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EDUN Live is a student run company with 15 collegiate chapters that sells t-shirts made in Africa. But these aren’t just any t-shirts. They’re ethically made by fairly paid and well treated workers. And not only do these t-shirts provide sustainable employment opportunities for Sub-Saharan African workers, but they’re also eco-friendly, made from 100% organic cotton, and boxed and packaged in recycled materials.
So next time you want to stock up on some basics, don’t walk over to the GAP or American Apparel. Instead, head on over to EDUN Live. So far they’ve sold $30,000 worth of t-shirts, supported 3,500 farmers, and created 134 year-round jobs. Your purchase could be the one that gets them to 135.
Are you doing something cool on YOUR campus? Let us know! Email PR [at] CollegeCandy [dot] com and we may just feature your organization next!

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