In Our Makeup Bag: Lime Crime Coquette

What It Is:
Lime Crime Lipstick in Coquette
Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
Lime Crime is a brand created by Doe Deere as her solution to all the boring cosmetics out there. It’s known for carrying outrageous colors (blue lipstick, check!), but I’ve sifted through and found some wearable shades.
“Coquette” was just released and definitely falls into the “every day” category. Described as “pale, blushed nude,” it really is a pinky-toned nude with great opacity and a creamy texture, like all Lime Crime lipsticks. It’s blown up in the blogosphere and is being compared to cult classics nudes, so I knew I had to try it out for myself!
How To Use It:
Because of the intensity¬† of Lime Crime lipsticks, I recommend busting out a lip brush. This way, you can create the perfect shape and layer on for more or less opacity. One swipe of Coquette is pretty intense, but if you’re really looking to blank out your lips, you could go up to 3. Topping this off with a clear gloss makes it even more wearable and perfect for a sunny day at the beach!
CC Rating: A
Lime Crime lipsticks never fail to impress! The formula is creamy and applies like a dream. My lips never feel dehydrated and re-application is minimal because these pigments just stick to your lips!
“Coquette” is a great shade and hopefully indication that Lime Crime is introducing more wearable colors into the mix. I would love to see more berry and natural pink lippies from them! The pinkiness makes it great for a variety of skin tones, including fair ladies such as myself.
If you’re looking for the perfect summery nude, Coquette by Lime Crime is definitely worth checking out!
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