Prom Dresses To Avoid For Now And Forever

Prom is one of the most important events of a girl’s life (second only to the day you get your first period, losing your virginity and turning 21). You have to find a great limo, a fun after-prom place, and, of course, the perfect dress. Oh yeah, and a date. Whatevs.
But let’s talk about the dress for a second. It’s gotta be beautiful and timeless. Flattering and very “you.” And it’s gotta move so you can shake your groove thang to whatever that sweaty DJ is spinning from the stage.
It also has to be horrendously, hideously, mind boggling-ly ugly. At least that’s what it looks like from the crop of dresses I’ve spotted online lately. (Yes, I look at prom dresses every year. Don’t judge me; I like to relive the moment.) I don’t know what is going on with high school seniors these days, but if this year’s prom dresses are any indication of what these girls are into, we’ve got major problems coming to our campuses next fall.

Thank You for Being Honest, Catherine Zeta Jones
Thank You for Being Honest, Catherine Zeta Jones
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