Check Out the New Swimsuit Collection from Express!

This post brought to you by Express. All opinions are 100% mine.
I’m getting a little tired of this whole “April Showers” thing. Monday was supposed to be 70 (a huge deal for anyone living in New England), but what happened instead? Rain! Again! I’m ready for those sun shiny days, filled with beach cook outs and margaritas.
OK, so, truth be told, I’m not totally ready. I’ve been so scared of whatever is going on under my clothes that I haven’t ventured out for my yearly swimsuit shop-a-thon. I just haven’t been ready to face my thighs under those unforgiving fluorescent dressing room lights. And it turns out, it’s a good thing I waited, because had I nabbed my summer 2011 swimsuits back in February like I normally do, I totally would have missed out on the brand spanking new line of women’s swimwear at Express.
The new line, available only online, is full of the eye catching styles Express is known for – like bold prints (think metallic animal!), bright colors and ruffles – all at wallet friendly prices. And (don’t you just love when there’s an ‘and’?) they come in all sorts of styles: string bikinis, halter bikinis, monokinis and more.
And here’s the best part, ladies. Express is currently giving away 10 $200 gift cards for their swimsuit line! What do you have to do? Just subscribe to Express e-mail and you’re entered! (Get the full sweepstakes rules .) Can you even imagine what you could do with that money? I can. And it looks a little something like this:

There is so much I love about this swimsuit that don’t know where to start. I love mixing styles on tops and bottoms. I love stripes. I love how a swimsuit can be sexy while still offering coverage and support so I don’t have some nip slip action at the family Memorial Day BBQ. I love how this purple will look against my tan skin. LOVE IT.

You’d never catch me in a hot pink ruffly dress, but I’d kill to strut my stuff in this bikini.  What is it about ruffles that just makes a girl feel sexy and feminine? This suit just screams “summer vacay” and that’s exactly where I’ll be sportin’ it.

Animal prints. Who doesn’t love some animal prints? And with this chic look not only will you be stunnin’ on the beach, but you’ll be doing so with no awkward halter tan lines.

The super funky pattern and fun little ruffle makes this the perfect suit to wear to all of those graduation parties you’ll be going to this summer. Hot damn!

Everyone needs a monokini, or at least some kind of one piece. And what’s better than a classic black one? It covers all your problem areas and slims you down at the same time. It’s like god’s gift to college girls. Just imagine stepping out of the pool in slow mo’ action while you crush drools over you. Yeah, I might buy 2.

So what are you waiting for? Start shopping….and sign up for Express e-mail for your chance to win!

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