Single Girl Society: Get Your Mind Off Heartbreak

Lesson 19: Get Your Mind Off Heartbreak
Just like your mother told you to get your mind out of the gutter, this week, I’m spitting the same advice with a little single girl twist, of course. It’s time to get your mind off the single world version of the “gutter,” heartbreak. So much of our time as single women is spent wondering about heartbreak, whether it was in the past or whether it’s a potential outcome.
Every time we so much as meet a guy, without fail, we routinely pause to consider all the causes of potential heartbreak before we’re even dating him. We sit down with our girlfriends, keep his Facebook profile on standby and analyze the situation, coming up with reasons why it could never work before it has the chance to even become something to begin with. All of which would never be possible if our minds weren’t so clouded with this looming threat of heartbreak.
Dating is a gamble – sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes you find out he’s only dating you to steal your identity (oh wait, so that’s just me then?). If everyone knows dating is a wildly unpredictable game then why play if you plan to lose?
Most of the single girl society rules come from a foundation of empowering yourself before you involve a guy in the mix, and this rule is no exception. Don’t cheat yourself by assuming everything is going to end in a heartbroken hot mess leaving you rendered in your apartment with 13 boxes of Cadbury eggs and six cats you didn’t know you had.
One of the best ways to empower your self is to release the thoughts of heartbreak. Remember and learn from heartbreaks of the past, but don’t assume that they will come back to haunt you. If you convince yourself that your future relationships will end the same way that your past relationships did, then chances are they will. By trapping thoughts of heartbreak in your mind, you are creating a vicious cycle of relationships that end because you made them and let me tell you, the post-breakup weight loss is so not worth it.
The best way to approach heartbreak? Acknowledge that it happened in the past, learn from it but don’t assume it’s out to get you in the future. Keep brokenhearted thoughts in the back of your mind as a possibility but only on the condition that you remember it’s also a possibility that a relationship could work out.
Got it? Now get the first 18 rules of the Single Girl Society right here.

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