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Scream 4 is the latest film in the Scream series. Sidney Prescott returns to her hometown on a book tour for her self-help book. Of course, with her arrival, Ghostface also makes a return. A new generation of high school students, including Sidney’s cousin, are thrown into the world that Sidney herself experienced.
The last film came out in 2000, which explains the tagline for the movie, “New Decade. New Rules.” That’s…kind of true. The film has a few updates or “rules” as the dialogue, which constantly pokes fun at itself, makes abundantly clear. Scream 4 is enjoyable, slasher fun, but the originals will always be better, which brings us to the list of the week.
Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Check Out the Original Scream Trilogy Before Watching Scream 4:
The series is known for its self-awareness as a horror film and sequel. You’ll get a kick out of Scream 4’s self-referencing, but only if you know and love the originals. Scream 4 plays off of its past films: there are creepy boyfriends, replications of the same shots, and even a scene from the sequel’s movie-within-the-movie.
Scream 4 updates the original trilogy with a new spin on technology. Everyone knows the classic first scene from Scream in which Drew Barrymore is making popcorn and she answers her white cordless landline phone to Ghostface’s “prank” call. Well, it’s not 1996 anymore. Scream 4 is able to use the same format, but by taking advantage of modern technology, the story doesn’t appear to be something we’ve seen before. You’ll know you’re in a different world than the originals when Dewey (David Arquette) wakes up to an iPhone alarm.
You will start to learn the Scream formula. Although Scream 4 has the self-awareness and fun technology utilization, the Scream series seems to have a pretty serious why-fix-what’s-broke mentality. Most of the time, this is its downfall. It was in the less popular Scream 3 and there are hints of the same problem in Scream 4. You’ll want to see the first three to know that once upon a time, the movies were an original creation and not just partial regurgitations of the others.
Scream 4 stars some of the lovable original cast members with a new generation of characters. When they call Sidney Prescott a “survivor,” they’re not kidding. You’ll want the background behind the characters portrayed by Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox. And it’s fun to see how they fit in with the new cast, which includes Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, and Rory Culkin.
Overall, if you have seen or do see the original movies, you’ll get a kick out of Scream 4. It tries as hard as it can to be intelligent, which can be overkill (that’s my pun of the week) at times. But, if you’re looking to lose yourself in a horror-comedy, I do recommend Scream 4.

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