The 5 Matzoh Treats That Will Help You Survive Passover

With Passover just around the corner (it starts Monday night, Jews), it’s  about to be all about the Matzoh. Say goodbye to your Cheerios, your penne pasta, and your delicious New York bagels. It’s like a week-long Atkins diet… with nothing but a flat tasteless cracker to fill your belly.
But don’t go all no-carbo-depressed on me because there are definitely some delicious ways to survive Passover! (My first tip would be strategically placing yourself next to your favorite drunk uncle, cousin, sibling during your family’s 4 hour-long seder. Woof.)
Here are my favorite Passover matzoh treats!
Matzoh pizza – One of my childhood favorites. Cover matz0h with tomato sauce and cheese (and any other preferred pizza toppings) and stick it in the toaster. It will never be as good as your favorite slice from the neighborhood pizzeria, but it will help you survive your FOMO when all of your Gentile friends get their drunken deep-dish pies on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Matzoh ball soup – My mom’s matzoh ball soup could bring every boy, girl and dog to the yard. Thankfully, she passed this trait along to me. Throw in celery, carrots, and chicken and you’ll be full for a month. Matzoh ball soup is super easy to make and leftovers can last you through all of Passover. If you live off-campus, I would definitely recommend inviting all of your friends over for some Jewish Penicillin to cure their hangovers. Hopefully they’ll be immediately addicted and you can convince them to come back over after Passover to try it with some rye bread.
Nutella-covered Matzoh – Like any good Jew, you’ve probably been on Birthright (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!). If you have, you’ve learned about the amazingness in a jar that is Nutella. This will bring you back to your sleepaway camp days…. slab a heapload of Nutella (or any other Kosher for Passover chocolate) on some salted Matzoh and proceed to stuff your face. The combination of salty and sweet is one of the best things about Passover.
Matzoh Brei – This fried-egg-matzoh-looking-mess not only tastes delicious, but it also can be made in a variety of ways. Keep it simple with eggs and salt or spice it up by throwing in salsa, black beans, cheddar cheese, and tomatoes.
Macaroons – Okay, this one isn’t matzoh related, but they are oh so good! Light, meringue-like cookies that are sometimes dipped in chocolate and coconut and are always delicious. Your local grocery store  definitely has a box or twelve for you to buy. If you’re feeling especially Martha Stewart/Betty Crocker you can even look up recipes online to make your own.
By day four of Passover you will probably be 5 pounds heavier and hate every and any variation of Matzoh, but don’t let it get you down! Be creative…. who knows what you may come up with. And let us know what you create – Jews need something new to occupy our taste buds during this carb-free week.

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