Current Events Cheat Sheet: Obama Makes a Budget Plan

The former leader of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, was arrested on Monday after months of refusing to concede power to the rightfully elected president, Alassane Ouattara. (Read more on that here.) Ever since the election back in November, the country has been in the throes of a violent standoff between supporters of Gbagbo and Ouattara. Unfortunately, though, the violence hasn’t ended; on Wednesday, it was reported that citizens are still going into hiding and fleeing the big cities. Killings continue, adding to the over 1,500 lives that have already been claimed.
In a speech on Wednesday, President Obama announced a plan to cut the federal budget deficit by $4 trillion over the next twelve years. Things have been tense lately as we get closer and closer to the $14.3 trillion legal limit on borrowing.  Obama’s plan includes increased taxes on the wealthy and cuts on military and domestic spending. He did not, however, agree to Republican proposals to cut back his recent health care initiative. During the speech, news cameras caught the vice president nodding off; it’s OK Joe, I think it’s kinda boring, too 😉
The mayor of Washington, D.C., Vincent C. Gray, spent Monday night in jail. Was it partly a publicity stunt? Maybe. He and six D.C. Council members were arrested for protesting in front of and blocking a Senate building. They and a number of residents were rallying against budget provisions imposed on the city by the federal government. I found this pretty shocking, but apparently it happens relatively often- another rogue mayor was arrested in the mid-’90s over a similar issue. D.C.’s starting to look like an even more fun place than I thought!
The Federal Aviation Administration’s Chief Air Traffic Controller resigned after multiple incidents of controllers falling asleep on the job. If there’s a job where its important to stay alert, air traffic control would be it, though I imagine I would get pretty sleeping watching planes fly by into the wee hours of the night. Thankfully, none of these incidents caused accidents, and the passengers remained blissfully unaware as their pilots landed without proper assistance. On one occasion, a landing pilot even got other local controllers to call the dozing guy through something called the “shout line,” a PA system intended to wake up nodding-off workers.
And finally…this week, an English man found a Jelly Bean with soon-to-be-princess Katie Middleton’s face on it! And he’s planning on auctioning it off for 500 pounds! Judge for yourself:

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