The 10 Sites That Will Get You an A in School

There’s a lot of great sites out there on the internet. If anyone would know that, you would. (After all, you did find us.) But finding all of them isn’t always easy. So most of  the time you probably stick to the same old, same old, right? CollegeCandy. Facebook. Google. CollegeCandy. Maybe Texts From Last Night if you’re feeling adventurous. We know. We get it. Scouring the blogs for the best there is isn’t always easy and it’s definitely not quick. But now, you don’t have to do the legwork (or finger work? Er…) CollegeCandy’s Web Spy does it for you. Each week this column brings you a new find. From the best online shopping sites to the best places to waste your time to the best ways to get yourself organized and avoid procrastination, the last of which are the sites I’ll be focusing on right now.
The semester is winding down. Soon there will be papers to write and finals to study for, which means cutting out the procrastination and cracking down on the studying, which isn’t always easy. But fear not, our resident Web Spy has done her research, providing CollegeCandy readers with ten surefire ways to get organized and start studying.
1. FellowUp will get your organized.
2. With a little help from Evernote.
3. Then RescueTime can show you exactly what you’re spending your time doing.
4. So you know exactly what to tell  Keep Me Out to help you avoid.
5. And then Soshiku can help adjust your scheduling, and reorganize your life.
6. While ReQall keeps track of your notes.
7.  Of course, in the midst of all of this you’ll be registering for classes , which won’t be so bad with CourseRank.
8. And StingyCampus will help you take care of your other issues like finding campus housing and looking for jobs.
9. Afraid you won’t wake up in time to take the final after pulling an all nighter?  WakeUpDialer has got you covered.
10. And when you really just need a break there’s Dear Blank, Please Blank.

Candy Dish: Because We All Want to Look Like Blair
Candy Dish: Because We All Want to Look Like Blair
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