Free Pregnancy Test With a Side of Guilt

For everyone who’s ever had a pregnancy scare, there’s nothing, well, scarier. As soon as you’re a day’s over. The panic starts to rush in and you can’t stop thinking about it; in the shower, while you’re getting ready, through class.  As soon as 3pm hits you rush to CVS and buy the first pregnancy test you see.

You get home, pee on the stick, and three magical minutes later, you find the result.

Well, unless you sign up to receive a free at home pregnancy test from , then you also receive a nice little (actually really long) letter from your potentially unborn child.

I wish I was kidding.

It seems that one pro-life group has taken to offering free at-home pregnancy tests as a means to spread their pro-life message. Except, until now, no one really knew that’s what was happening. Girls just thought they were saving some money; not that they were about to receive a letter from the unborn child they may or may not be having, pleading with them to let him or her live.

I understand that pro-choice vs. pro-life is a huge debate, and one which people get quite passionate about, but this just seems to take things a bit too far.

Read the letter then tell us what you think.

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