In Our Makeup Bag: Korres Wild Rose Foundation

What It Is:
Korres Wild Rose Foundation in WRF1

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:
If you’re a girl who has flawless skin or just doesn’t feel the need to wear foundation, then¬† you are lucky. And I kinda hate you. I have fairly decent skin but do tend to breakout in the T-zone and experience overall redness. I don’t wear foundation every single day, but I do feel like my skin looks more even when I’m sporting it.

Finding a good foundation is tricky! Firstly, if you have sensitive skin like mine, many foundations may cause breakouts. Second, you need to consider your skin before purchasing a foundation. I have oily skin, so my main concerns are finding a foundation that doesn’t melt away and also controls shine! And third, you know how hard it is to find that perfect color!

Currently, I’m testing out the Korres Wild Rose Foundation with some great results! About the products, Korres says, “Oil-free, fluid foundation easily glides on skin giving a luminous natural finish with buildable long-lasting coverage and sun protection.” Let’s see if it lived up to that wordy promise!

How To Use It:
Because this foundation is extremely fluid, I switch between using my fingers (after being cleaned VERY well) and a foundation brush. I find my fingers to leave a more natural finish. This foundation spreads out very evenly because it’s so watery, but beware, it does dry quick! Make sure you blend into your jawline and hairline really well, and really quickly.

Because I’m oily, I like to set it with a finishing powder (you can purchase a Wild Rose Powder, from the same range), but it’s not a necessity for everyone. It also has an SPF of 20 added, so if you forget to apply your daily sunscreen, you’re covered!


(L: on the back of my hand, R: blended out – a little too warm!)

CC Rating: A
Overall, Korres Wild Rose Foundation provides almost everything I’m looking for! The coverage is light to medium, and definitely buildable. It’s easy to apply, even with my CLEAN fingers and it dries to a slightly dewy, natural finish. It lasts a few hours on me before I need to blot or re-powder (remember, oily skin).

My one complaint about this foundation, and most Korres face products in general, is that they run too warm. I’m not sporting a tan yet, so my skin is quite pale, and even though this color is their lightest, it’s still a tad too warm for me. I know once I begin to tan a bit, it will work better, but it’s a shame that I would have to ditch this foundation in the winter because it just won’t match. However, I do like the effort Korres has put in to eliminate some not-so-friendly ingredients and the fact that they’ve added SPF 20 to the product.

If you’re looking for a natural foundation that leaves out harsh chemicals but still has sun-protection, Wild Rose from Korres is definitely worth a go!

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