So, Season 4 of Jersey Shore is Going to Suck

I think we can all agree that Jersey Shore Season 3 sort of sucked. From Sammi and Ronnie’s relationship drama to throwing Deena – the self proclaimed blast in a glass – into the mix, to 3 full episodes devoted to a clogged toilet, it was all sorts of wrong.
So what does MTV do?
Send the cast of guidos and guidettes to Florence… Florence as in Italy. Can we just talk about how stupid of an idea that is? When I think Italy, I don’t think of raunchy fist pounding sex, or insane bar fights, or Snooki. (Really, that makes me think more of the Red Light district in Amsterdam.)
Which is exactly the type of image the Mayor of Florence is pushing to maintain.
In response to MTV’s plans to drop a Guido bomb on Florence, Matteo Renzi has issued quite a few rules for the cast, crew and final production, to ensure that his beloved city isn’t tainted by the infamous GTL-ers. My favorite rule, which will go perfectly with the show’s usual plot line: The cast will not be filmed in bars and clubs that serve alcohol.
Uh, looks like this might be the shortest and most boring season of Jersey Shore yet. Really, what are they going to do now? There’s only so many times the meatballs can eat meatballs and Sam and Ron can scream at each other on a gondola ride….

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