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10 Reality Stars Turned “Pop Stars”


What’s the last thing Hollywood needs right now?

A new reality tv show? Nah. If it can survive Bachelor Pad it can survive anything.

A YouTube obsession? After Rebecca Black I really don’t think anyone could compete.

A combination between the two? Why yes, I think that would be a bit much. So of course that’s what we’ve got on our hands right now. Ladies, may I be the first to tell you about the new album PopEater calls a “bass-thumping, synth-heavy dance track filled with defiant lyrics aimed at “cheeky tongue waggers.” May I be the first (and hopefully the last) to tell you about Real Housewives star, Simon van Kempen’s new album, I Am Real.

But before I send you off to listen to this masterpiece, I thought we should all take a little trip down memory lane and remind ourselves of a few of the other reality stars who have made the jump to autotuned iTunes singles. Grab your barf bag; it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Countess Luanna’s Money Can’t Buy Love

Heidi Montag’s Higher

Kim Zoliack’s Tardy for the Party

Kim Kardashian‘s Jam (Turn it Up)

The Jersey Shore’s T-Shirt Time Song

Spencer Pratt’s I’m A Celebrity

Paris Hilton’s Stars are Blind

Brooke Hogan’s Everything to Me

Tila Tequila’s I Love You Dirrty 

And finally, the newest edition to the reality star turned pop star hall of fame, Simon van Kempen’s I Am Real.

Hm, perhaps we should turn this into a CD and call it ‘NOW That’s What I Call Music That Makes Rebecca Black Look Good’?

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