Sexy Time: Size Isn't A Big Deal

Recently, Hayden Panettiere stopped by the Ellen show to promote Scream 4 and casually mentioned the fact that some of her fans approach her and ask how how she has sex with her boyfriend. [Crickets] That’s a little personal, right? Right. But people are genuinely curious, seeing as Hayden barely scrapes 5’0″ while her boyfriend is 6’5″…and a boxer. Immediately, this anecdote blasted through the gossip-sphere and most comments expressed sentiments that boiled down to, “that must be so awkward/impossible/unsexy.”
To which I say: Whatever.
I’m sure some of you lovelies have, had, or will have a partner who is way bigger or way smaller than you. It happens. A hottie is a hottie, even if you only come up their waist or they only come up to your boobs, or if they’re practically a wrestler and you’re 87 pounds soaking wet. Sure, if you and your partner are drastically different builds, you’re probably going to work a little bit harder to maneuver yourselves into comfortable positions. But just like penis size isn’t the end-all and be-all of great sex, neither is body size.
There are a few positions that are pretty much universal; modified missionary and doggy style positions, spooning, and, of course, oral sex can be done by any combination of body types.
More than anything, mental roadblocks are far more likely to be catalysts for bad/awkward/unfulfilling sex than physical obstacles. The way our society talks about and portrays sex  is often so narrow-minded and stifling that anyone who falls outside of the mold could easily feel inferior or self-conscious. Our anxieties push us to create problems that aren’t really there and make us feel a lot less sexually competent than we really are.
When it comes to sex, “When there’s a will, there’s a way” really is accurate. As long as both partners are committed to pleasing each other, are not afraid to communicate, and are down to experiment, everything else is essentially irrelevant.

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