5 Green Companies Worth Your Green

Earth Day. The only holiday that somehow doesn’t have a college drinking game associated with it. So, since you’re sober, why not take a moment to¬† save the planet. Or at least support companies that are making their own attempts to go green.
The following 5 companies are all my favorite eco-friendly brands. These are brands that include being kind to the earth in their manifesto and take steps towards “greenifying” their processing, despite the hike in cost. Often, they supply products on or above par with their less eco-minded competitors and are definitely worth a look!
Make Mother Nature proud and check ’em out (just make sure you have your credit card handy!):

What other earth friendly companies should we know about? Sound off below!

Earth Day Special: Kamik Recyclable Rain Boots! [GIVEAWAY!]
Earth Day Special: Kamik Recyclable Rain Boots! [GIVEAWAY!]
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