Fashion Challenge: Wear a Hippie Headband

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Rising in popularity over the last few seasons and now hitting an all-time high thanks to this spring’s 1970s trend, hippie headbands are absolutely perfect for spring 2011!
Most people I’ve talked to have strong opinions about these headbands – some girls love them and wear them several times a week, while other girls complain that they make their ears or hair look funny.
But fear not if you’re in the latter camp – it’s possible to rock these headbands without suffering from “weird hair syndrome”! Below, I’ve compiled some tips and tricks to help you pick the perfect headband for you, choose where on your head to place it, and how to rock your hippie headband with confidence.
Tips and Tricks for Rocking a Hippie Headband:
Think about width. Thin headbands give off a flirty flower child vibe, whereas a single thick one can make a bold statement.

Placement is key. The most popular place to wear a hippie headband is across the forehead, but my favorite place to wear one is back a couple inches from your hairline – this way, your hair will fall more naturally, keeping your ears from poking out.

Choose simple or embellished. Both styles look awesome, but a really fancy headband might be too much if you’re already wearing a busy outfit.

Any hair texture works! Girls with straight, wavy, curly, coarse, and thin hair types can all pull off the hippie headband.

Too tight? Uncomfortable headbands can cause headaches. Make yours looser by stretching it over a thick textbook or the back of a chair when you aren’t wearing it.

Find one that ties. Headbands that tie are perfect if you are self-conscious about the way elastic headbands make your hair fall around your ears. A string or ribbon, tied around your head, can be adjusted to to be as loose or as tight as you want it. My favorite adjustable headbands are American Apparel’s braided belts. (Honestly, I’ve seen more people on the streets wearing these as headbands than as belts!)

Use them as perfect spring accessories. These go so well with outfits for outdoorsy events. Wear one with denim shorts and a t-shirt for a music festival, with a sundress for a picnic, with your bikini while laying out at the pool, or with a giant pair of sunnies while running errands.
Got it? Great. Now let’s check out some hippie chic outfits for inspiration over at CollegeFashion!

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