Body Blog: Get Sporty (and Fit) This Summer

It’s strange, but for some reason spending 45 minutes on the elliptical feels unnatural when the weather starts warming up. It’s like lying in a tanning bed when it’s 80 degrees and sunny outside.
Clearly, I’ve already grown tired of my normal workout routine for the year.
The solution? Exploring outdoor activities that will provide me with a sense of adventure as I tone up. Now you may be wondering, “Hmm, is there really anything fun out there that will burn lots of calories?” I felt the same. But the reality is, YES, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN! Check out these options below.
Tones arms, chest, back and stomach. The paddle movement works every muscle in the upper body.
Calorie Burn: 300-400 calories per hour; this stat depends on your weight — the more you weigh the more calories you burn.

Rock Climbing
Benefits: Improves strength and endurance in calves, shoulders and core, as well as flexibility in the hips and hamstrings. Coordination, balance and mental focus will also be sharpened. Many climbers report a heightened sense of self-confidence and independence.
Calorie Burn: 600-700 calories per hour!!
** Beginners should look for an indoor climbing facility in their area. This is the best way to learn the ropes.

Benefits: Improves endurance, balance (incredibly) and challenges all muscles groups. Surf stroke is also a great stress reducer and is an intense upper body work out.
Calorie Burn: 400 per 2 hour period. Most surfers spend half the day surfing, so that can burn up to 1200 calories!!!

Benefits: Builds endurance, muscles strength and cardiovascular fitness. It can also be a very meditative exercise.
Calorie Burn: 300-400 per hour at a moderate pace.

Running on the Beach
Benefits: Increases endurance, stamina and builds muscle; the right way to run on the beach is to a) stay off the soft sand, run close to the tide, b) run at low tide which gives you a much firmer surface to run, and c) split the distance or time of your run in half so that both feet get equal time on a not-so-level running surface. (i.e. if you’re running for 30 minutes, turn around and go in the other direction at the 15 minute mark.)
Calorie Burn: 500-600 calories per half hour (seriously!!!). Because sand provides a greater resistance, you body has to work almost twice as hard to move against the surface.

Benefits: Increases agility, hand-eye coordination, strength … and social skills! There is nothing more fun/hilarious than getting a bunch of buds together for a match on the beach or sand pit.
Calorie Burn: 200-250 calories per hour (clearly not as great a workout as the others!)

So get out there and take advantage of the long, warm, sunny days coming your way. You’ll really have the chance to see what your body is capable of and, who knows, maybe you’ll find a true passion (or extremely hot guy) along the way.

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