How to Throw a Viewing Party Worthy of a Royal Wedding


In case you have somehow managed to avoid every media outlet for the past 5 months and aren’t aware…the Royal Wedding is happening this Friday, April 29th. And due to the time difference, coverage will begin airing on the East Coast at 4 am, although the actual wedding won’t take place until 5:30 am.

Some of you are probably all, “WTF? I’m not waking up at the ass crack of dawn to watch Prince William marry some hussy that isn’t me!” I get it. I’m not sure I’d wake up that early if I myself was marrying a Prince. But this is major. It’s a royal wedding, the likes of which we’ve never seen. Even if you don’t care about English Royalty, you have to wonder what a $28 million wedding looks like, right? Plus, it’s Friday, which means you might still be up (or walking home) from your Thursday night festivities, so why not watch?

But if you’re going to watch, you can’t just kick back in bed and flip on the TV. You have to make it an event that the Queen herself would be proud of. That means you need some sort of fancy finger food, and obviously a tiara or three. But don’t you fret, your friends here at CollegeCandy have you covered! Just follow our guide and you’ll feel as fancy as a princess (no ball gown required).

The Invitations:
Although fancy scrolls hand-delivered by a man in tights would be preferred, it might be best to opt out and send some fancy evites. Or, if you’re in a pinch, Facebook events are always super easy and speedy quick. Just make sure to include a “hear ye!” in there somewhere.

The Setting:
If you live in the dorms try to get your RA involved! Not only will it take the pressure off of you for supplying snacks, but you can enjoy the festivities with more people. Try to host your royal get together in a study lounge (with a TV, obviously), where everyone can drag their tired rumps to partake in the festivities comfortably. Dress up the normally bland room with some English and Union Jack flags. And if you’re feeling like an overachiever, add some roses (the flower of England), daffodils (the flower of wales), and pictures of Prince Harry (the flower of my heart) for some extra ambiance.

If the study lounge is out, though, just host it in your room (be sure to make your bed!) Set the mood with some white Christmas lights, or print out pics of the Royal Family and line your walls with them so you feel like you’re right there in the action.

The Outfit Choice:
Obviously, no one has the energy to slip into their favorite ball gown at the ungodly hour of 4 am, but you can’t just wear any old Greek Week t-shirt for such a fancy occasion. Instead glam things up by pairing that sexy cami you bought for a romantic evening with the BF with a pair of PJ pants (and hide your legs under a blanket so as not to offend any Brits). Oh, and maybe throw on a plastic tiara to add a little something something to your ensemble.

The Food and Beverage:
For beverages you’ll have to go big or go home with the caffeine if you want to stay awake for the big kiss. Although most of the royal party will be enjoying their tea, you’ll want to stick to some Starbucks or DD (or 12 cans of Red Bull) to get through it; just make sure to pinky up…it adds class (even to foam cups.) That being said, a mimosa or two wouldn’t hurt either.

Food wise, although cucumber sandwiches might be standard, a bagel smothered in cream cheese might be the better choice for a 5am wedding. Or go all out with a (microwave friendly) breakfast buffet: pancakes, scrambled eggs (yes, you can make those in the micro!), croissants, etc. But really, anything but leftover pizza or Chinese food from the night before would be OK.

See? Planning an event fit for royalty isn’t that hard, and it doesn’t cost near Benjamins they’re shelling out over in London. All you need is a little creativity and a lot of caffeine to party like the royals do.

Oh, and remember: if a commoner like Kate could snag a prince, you can too! (Even if Prince Harry is taken. Wahhh.)

Starbucks is my religion and Seventeen is my bible.