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Sex in the News: Tweeting Towards a Breakup


You’ve already learned that social media may be amplifying the fact women prefer men that aren’t entirely interested in them, but did you know it’s also impacting the length of your relationships? It’s true! According to OK Trends, on average, the relationships of Twitter users are shorter than those of non-tweeters.

While for 18-year-olds there is only a two-week time difference between tweeps and non-tweeps, the varying length in relationship time is amplified as users get older. For all us college Tweeters, our relationships last, on average, a month less than those without a Twitter handle. OK, so that month may not seem like a long time, but it’s significant when you think about the WHY.

Do you really want to know your relationship ended over a series of 140-character status updates? That’s….tragic; just ask John Mayer.

Does this mean you should delete your Twitter account when you’re entering a new relationship? Probably not. What you should do is avoid tweeting excessively when you’re out with anyone, and not update people on the intimate deals of your love life. Seems like a no-brainer, sure, but if this study is any indication, some people need to be reminded.

Other interesting things to know?

1. Twitter users masturbate more. Although, that might have little to do with being turned on by the Twitter bird and more to do with the fact that they have an extra month of single-ness to contend with.

2. Facebook is also a problem. Apparently Facebook is being cited by lawyers in a growing number of divorce cases. Yes, not only can what you post on Facebook impact your employability, but it can also be held against you in a divorce case. While for most college girls this isn’t the case now (or so I hope), that picture of you pulling a Miley can come back to haunt you and your happily ever after.

So what should we all take from this? How about a reminder to step away from the computer and live our lives in real life. Social networking is all fun and games…. until that little broken heart shows up in your newsfeed.