True Stories and Life Lessons from The CollegeCandy Archives

Most of our articles here on CollegeCandy tend to focus on the lighter aspects of college: the hook ups, partying down, partying up, beer, and, of course, actually attending classes (which we all somehow manage to do…it’s a miracle).

But the truth is our writers and readers have dealt with some very serious stuff throughout their college careers. The kind of stuff that’s not always easy to talk about, but necessary to talk about. From serious health issues to unfortunately common personal issues, they’ve shared their stories with all of us so that we could relate, connect and learn some important life lessons.

And that’s why we’re sharing them again. You know, for the ladies who missed them the first time around, or the girls who just missed the lessons within them.

Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? Read one reader’s account on how she was finallyable to leave.

We all hear about the horror stories of HPV, but you never think that it could happen to you. 

A college girl gets melanoma, a totally preventable disease. Reading her story might make you think twice about hitting the tanning salon.

Sex has got to be one of the most talked about topics on campus, but the story that never comes up? Regretting how you lost your virginity.

Imagine going away to school in the same state your parents live and having your parents be the ones to move away.

Divorce is hard to deal with when you’re young, but what about while you are in college?

Coming out has to be one of the biggest challenges gay and lesbian people have to face. And one CollegeCandy writer knows that from personal experience. 

Most people never pay close attention to the side effects of birth control, but we should. Find out how one writer learned first hand just how dangerous The Pill can be.

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